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Todd Terje has taken the concept of playful club music to a whole new level here. “Svensk Sås” is a joyous romp through a midnight club that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The pairing of male and female vox synths makes this seem like an effort at securing a dance in a noisy room in the middle of a July night. Fortunately everyone in the room is right there with you and they all join in.

The song itself moves through a set of stupidly catchy hooks on top a stupendously sexy Spanish-inflected piano, with a cacophony of hyperactive drums, handclaps and a hugely satisfying ending. “Svensk Sås” is as likeable and fun as a techno (disco is more apt) song can get, filled with radiant colors, breathless movement and svelte maneuverings, reminding everyone that sometimes all you gotta do is dance until the sun comes up.

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