More Cheese Please!! Chipotle queso review

Some of the most popular food choices among college students are good, clean foods that make them feel good and give them energy to go through their busy days. These choices include Panera, Moe’s and Chipotle.

A battle between the latter two has ensued over “which is better”. Some advocate for Moe’s because of their free chips and salsa and for their amazing queso. Others advocate for Chipotle because the food is overall lighter and thus cleaner for their bodies.

While Chipotle isn’t ready to give away their chips for free, they have upped their menu option by rolling out their new queso. My sister Jessica and I—being big fans of both restaurants for many reasons and queso in general—decided to see if this product was something Moe’s needed to be worried about. 

Taking the lid off, the smell of the peppers hits you right away. It takes on a different look than that of Moe’s queso—this being more of a yellow cheddar color. It doesn’t have too much of a thick consistency, and sticks well to the chip; the queso somewhat reminds me of a chicken wing dip without the chunks of chicken. It tastes creamy and almost like broccoli cheddar soup without the broccoli of course. It isn’t too spicy either which is contradicting to when you first smell it.

My advice would be to give it a fair try, everyone’s taste buds are different. To be honest, I’m not too sure how I feel about it…it has its pros and cons, and I can’t say I overtly love or hate it, but I’d probably have to stick to Moe’s for my queso fix.

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