“We all float down here”: a review of IT.

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For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am a huge horror film fan. I’ve seen all the big-name movies-the Halloween staples-even the low-budget films on Netflix. Having been a fan of Stephen King’s original film IT, it was obvious I had to go and see the remake.

I figured it would be popular and the theater packed, but not this packed—the only four seats left together was in the very front row. Then again, Regal Cinemas at Quaker Crossing is usually a top choice for moviegoers. Despite the opinions of others saying it wasn’t as good as the original miniseries and kind of a letdown, I went in with a clear head.

Photo Credit: movieposter.com

The director, Andy Muschietti, did a really good job following the plot of the original movie. He had his moments where he inserted his own creative spin-offs, which in my opinion is what a remake should be.

The film overall had a very dreary feeling to it, but was matched well with breaks of comic relief, along with subtle crude humor only the adults fully understood. I’m not one to fear movies or the typical “jump scare” scenes, but even the not so suspecting moments seemed to get your blood pumping a little faster than normal.

Being a sucker for classical music of all types, it’s important to note that part of what made this movie successful was the soundtrack. There was a serious lack of the typical horror movie sounds, and instead were more cringing string parts. Having a background in music, I know very well that string instruments can be manipulated to easily produce very ominous tones.

The cinematography advances of 2017 allowed for graphic awe giving it a more real like feel than the 1990 original. There isn’t much more I can say about that without spoiling it for th0ose who haven’t seen yet!

Overall, I give this movie my own personal review of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I left the theater thrilled to have seen the movie, and suggest to everyone—horror film lover or not—to make the move and see this great rendition of an original classic.

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