Campus Clean-Up, Eco-Trail Maintenance

By Katelyn Storer The Environmental Club hosted an event for students to help clean the Eco-Trail located between Canavan Hall and the business building on Friday, Nov. 3.  Before the clean-up event, Cadence Russell, a junior majoring in natural science,  specializing in environmental science, and the president of the Environmental Club, spoke to the attendants about the history and motive of the event.  “We started … Continue reading Campus Clean-Up, Eco-Trail Maintenance

Founders Celebration Wraps up Week-Long Events

By: Cadence Russell The past week of Founders Celebration just took place, where for a whole week of spirit days, the Campus Activities Team held events and traditions. From Superhero Movie Night to the 78 West Coffee giveaway, students and faculty took part in celebrating Daemen. “Historically it’s always been kind of just like a weekend type thing, but this year we decided to kind … Continue reading Founders Celebration Wraps up Week-Long Events