COVID-19’s Effect on Learning

By: Haley Lux The continued spread of COVID-19 in New York finds students balancing between in-person, hybrid, and either asynchronous or synchronous online classes throughout the fall semester at Daemen College.  Hybrid classes typically meet in person one or two times a week, with the rest of instruction being placed online. Asynchronous classes have students accessing pre-recorded material at their own pace with due dates. … Continue reading COVID-19’s Effect on Learning

Safety Awareness in the Midst of COVID-19

By: Haley Lux Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus in New York, many universities, colleges, and schools have established social distancing guidelines in order to protect their students. Daemen College is no exception, testing everyone before they were allowed back and providing health care packages to start out the semester.  Additionally, properly worn masks are required all throughout campus and stickers litter the … Continue reading Safety Awareness in the Midst of COVID-19