About Us

Instagram account: daemen_insight_newspaper

Editor in Chief: Lily Skye Shaw

Staff Writer: Saferino Dour

Saferino Dour is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in French and Black Studies.

Online Media Manager: Sheridan Booth

Sheridan Booth is a sophomore majoring in Physical Therapy and minoring in French.

President of the Wildcat Radio, Partner of Daemen Insight in Wildcat Media & Entertainment 2019-20: Jevon Jordan

Jevon Jordan, a Business Major with a specialization in Operations & Supply Chain Management, alongside a Minor in Entrepreneurship at Daemen College, Class of 2021′. Jevon, took on multiple leadership roles throughout his time at Daemen so far and continues to strive for success, Some of his outstanding developments include student organization, W.M.E. This acronym stands for “Wildcat Media & Entertainment”, which is a student run and operated organization that strives to engage members of the campus community in activities that promote artistic expression, celebrate diversity, and teaches the use of multimedia technologies.

Faculty Adviser: Margaret Artman

Dr. Artman is an assistant professor of English and the student newspaper adviser.