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  • Editor-in-chief

Evan Coyle is a junior student in the Childhood/Special Education program here at Daemen College. He is currently the Insight Editor-in-Chief. He is also a member of the Daemen Student Alumni Association. Evan is an active volunteer fireman at the Hillcrest Fire Company in Orchard Park. He was the Hamburg youth volunteer of the Year in the Western New York chapter of the Gliding Stars community organization. He is passionate about covering the role that politics plays in education.

  • Online Media Manager

Dung Dinh is a Psychological Science major and a senior at Daemen College. She has many other leadership roles at Daemen. She is the president of the Psychological Sciences Student Association, and she is the Weekend Programming Coordinator for the Campus Activities Team. She works in the data analysis and assessment team for Student Affairs, and she is also a student assistant of the Institutional Research office. She believes that if we are not happy about our current situation, we should take actions to change it, and she believes Insight is a great way for students’ voices to be heard.

Jevon Jordan – President of the Wildcat Radio, Partner of Daemen Insight in Wildcat Media & Entertainment 2019-20

Jevon Jordan, a Business Major with a specialization in Operations & Supply Chain Management, alongside a Minor in Entrepreneurship at Daemen College, Class of 2021′. Jevon, took on multiple leadership roles throughout his time at Daemen so far and continues to strive for success, Some of his outstanding developments include student organization, W.M.E. This acronym stands for “Wildcat Media & Entertainment”, which is a student run and operated organization that strives to engage members of the campus community in activities that promote artistic expression, celebrate diversity, and teaches the use of multimedia technologies.


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Dr. Margaret Artman – Assistant Professor of English, Faculty Adviser