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Summer Phillipson is an English communications/public relations major and political science minor at Daemen College. She is currently the Insight Editor-in-Chief, a Trustee Scholar, an intern at Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Buffalo office and a Student Assistant at the College’s Special Events office. Prior to taking over her role as Editor-in-Chief, Summer worked as an intern for the Arcade Herald, the local newspaper in her hometown. She was recently inducted into Sigma Tau Delta which is an international English honor society and became a sister of the Sigma Omega Chi sorority on campus. Her ultimate goal is to become an investigative journalist in order to bring true news to the public, especially in the area of politics.


Noah Herman is a graphic designer, photographer, artist and musician. He has worked as a freelance photographer since 2013 and has won best of show in the Wyoming County Fair’s photography competition along with receiving honorable mentions in Daemen’s All High art exhibit. In 2017, Noah’s design “New Amendment to the Constitution” was chosen as the image for the year’s Academic Festival. Currently, Noah is a graphic designer and photographer for Insight. Even though he loves working in the arts, he also enjoys doing landscape photography, making music and hiking when he’s not working.





Stefan Foster AdjStefan Foster is a photographer of abandoned buildings and forgotten cemeteries, a pug enthusiast, a writer, a political junkie, a bagpiper, Amy Winehouse’s #1 fan, a paralegal studies pursuant, a martial artist and a lover of life. He goes by the name of “Revive the Ambience (Photography and Visual Works)” while engaging in his artwork and photography of abandoned buildings. His books include Revive the Ambience (Photography and Visual Works) – Reflection No1 and Pining for the Past: Little Merrit’s Tomb and the Beardsley Cemetery. When he is not actively a student at Daemen College, he spends his time exploring the world with his partner Kurt – saving history, embracing art and loving life. You can follow his pursuits at: www.revivetheambience.weebly.com

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William Olkowski is a United States Army Veteran and accounting major.  He is a current member of Sigma Beta Delta (Daemen College Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration) and Rhetorical Roar (Daemen College’s Toastmaster Club).  He enjoys writing poetry, short stories and news articles.  His works have been published in Daemen College’s Iconoclast, for example, Once I was a Soldier, Surviving the Night,\ and Diamonds and Pearls.  In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and playing video games with his four children and wife Joanna.  When not playing games with his children he is spending time with Oreo, a poodle and Charles, a dachshund.


DeVontae James is a Business Administration major, specializing in sports management at Daemen College. He is currently a sports reporter for The Insight and the manager of basketball operations for the Daemen men’s basketball team. Prior to joining The Insight, he worked as an intern with the University at Buffalo football team, helping out in both recruiting and operations departments. His ultimate goal is to work in basketball as either a journalist, reporter or scout.





Evan Coyle is a Physical Therapy major at Daemen College. He is interested in local and national politics.  His goal is to acquire a Doctoral of Physical Therapy degree (DPT) in an effort to help individuals improve function, repair mobility and restore ailing health conditions to improve the overall physical health of members in the community.







Dung Dinh is a Psychology major at Daemen College and she is an international student from Viet Nam. Before moving to the US for college, she was a college student and a tour guide for Saigon Hotpot in Viet Nam. Now, she is an Online Media Manager for Insight. She is also an LGBT supporter and hopes that she can help the community with her intellectual skills.