Student-Athletes and Mental Health

By Gretchen Beyer Mental health is not always an easy topic to talk about publicly, yet that does not diminish its significance.  For student-athletes, the pressure is even further escalated.  Living as a collegiate student-athlete is a demanding and daunting task.  The athlete needs to make time for class and their studies, along with time for practices, games, and mandatory lift sessions.  If they are … Continue reading Student-Athletes and Mental Health

College is Tough, But So Are You

By Myranda Lockwood Life as a college student is infused with intense studies and a rigorous course load; it can often feel like it is nearly impossible to find time for yourself while also attempting to do well.  However, it is vitally important for students to find time to do things that benefit the mind and body, outside of study hours.    In a scientific … Continue reading College is Tough, But So Are You