Making the Connection

By Addriena Bradley You might be using your cell phone to talk to your friends and family, do schoolwork, scroll social media, check your emails, and more. But is your phone causing more mental and physical harm than good?  A 2019 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of nearly 450 college students 18 years or older found they may be spending upwards … Continue reading Making the Connection

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New & Improved: The Enhanced Wildcat Den

By Tatyjana Scalisi Beginning this spring semester, Daemen University decided to transfer and enhance its former gaming room into the Wildcat Den of the campus, introducing several new gaming options for students to enjoy. Greg Nayor, Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, released an email addressing all students enrolled at the institution stating, “The Wildcat Den has been enhanced with equipment from the former Game … Continue reading New & Improved: The Enhanced Wildcat Den

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College is Tough, But So Are You

By Myranda Lockwood Life as a college student is infused with intense studies and a rigorous course load; it can often feel like it is nearly impossible to find time for yourself while also attempting to do well.  However, it is vitally important for students to find time to do things that benefit the mind and body, outside of study hours.    In a scientific … Continue reading College is Tough, But So Are You

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How to Take Notes in College

By Haley Lux, Editor-in-Chief Every morning students at Daemen University wake up, get ready, head to class, and ask themselves whether they should take notes and how. For some, this means grabbing a notebook and their favorite pen; for others, it means pulling out their laptop, opening a document, and selecting the best font before beginning. Others flip back and forth between the two, trying … Continue reading How to Take Notes in College

Inside Scholar’s Day: The Opportunity to Win Daemen’s Top Ten Scholarships

By Cadence Russell Every year, Daemen University hosts Scholar’s Day, where nominated students who have applied and been accepted into Daemen compete for ten Trustee Scholarships. This year, over 270+ prospective students attended Scholar’s Day, the largest group ever.  “I mean, the best way to put it, it’s the happiest event you’ll go to as an admissions counselor, or admissions director, because all those kids … Continue reading Inside Scholar’s Day: The Opportunity to Win Daemen’s Top Ten Scholarships