Making the Connection

By Addriena Bradley You might be using your cell phone to talk to your friends and family, do schoolwork, scroll social media, check your emails, and more. But is your phone causing more mental and physical harm than good?  A 2019 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of nearly 450 college students 18 years or older found they may be spending upwards … Continue reading Making the Connection

Never too late to go to CHIP

The Wick Student Center is home to the new Counseling, Health, Insurance, and Prevention (CHIP) Center. The offices are now located in Wick 117.  More and more students are coming to college with preconditions about mental health and college can get very stressful. “It is helpful to talk about stress,” according to Shannon Radder. Radder is the Director of Counseling Services and is a licensed … Continue reading Never too late to go to CHIP