Spring Semester 2021 Registration: A Guideline For Freshmen

By: Steven Blatto

Registration for the spring semester is inching closer and closer. Make sure you are prepared with these links and guidelines to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

Daemen College is extremely helpful in guiding their students towards success. Planning your upcoming courses may be easy for anyone who is not a freshman, but a first-year student may find it to be very difficult. 

A perfect starting point for figuring out your required courses is to look at the Suggested Course Sequence on the Daemen College website. After entering your major, this site will give semester-by-semester suggestions for a comfortable course schedule throughout the next three years of the undergraduate programs. 

Another quick step is under your very own MyDaemen page.

Go from Self-Service>Academics>Graduation Overview>Review My Academic Progress.

Here you will find the course in which you are registered, courses you have completed, courses you plan to take, and courses you need to complete within the next three years. 

Most majors do require learning communities to be taken within your schedule. Learning communities for the Spring Semester can be found here.

Finally, likely the most important part of the scheduling process, is knowing who to contact. Your academic advisor is the one who can approve/disapprove your planned courses. When your course requests are approved, they can then be eligible for registration when the window opens. 

Your academic advisor can be found under Self-Service>Academics>Student Planning>Plan & Schedule>Advising. 

“At first it seemed like a difficult process, planning out your own schedule, because I have not done that on my own before. It was not too bad after figuring out the exact classes I need to take and which ones I can wait on,” said freshman David Schwinger. 

“I was nervous about not getting the classes I want. I am still nervous, but at least all of my courses are approved by my advisor” he said. 

Registration windows and availability for courses do not last forever, however. For freshmen, registration begins on Nov. 20 at 12:01 a.m. For freshmen student athletes, registration begins one day earlier, on Nov. 19. 

Once the registration window is open, you will click “Register Now” in the top right of the Plan & Schedule page in Self-Service. Courses fill up quickly, so it is recommended that one plans out their courses as soon as possible. 

The Spring Semester begins Feb. 15, 2021.

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