Tiny Babies of Daemen

By: Saferino Dour

Since the fall semester started, tiny plastic babies have been placed around the Daemen campus by an unknown person. This person posts pictures on Instagram (@tiny.daemen.baby.horde) of random locations on campus where they place tiny babies, encouraging Daemen students to find the babies as a scavenger hunt.

Some students have taken to collecting the babies as a hobby, seeing it as a fun activity for when they have extra time.

“I found a baby in my dresser the other day,” said Emily Caccamise, a sophomore who has collected over 50 babies. 

Emily Caccamise’s collection of tiny babies.

Caccamise and her group of friends that accompany her in the search for tiny babies found out about the Instagram page early in the semester when the account began following the pages of numerous Daemen students. It currently follows 290 students.

The babies can be found nearly anywhere on campus. Some previous locations that they have been spotted at include a Campus Safety bicycle seat, a broken flowerpot in the parking lot between Duns Scotus and Wick Center, the stairs of the eco-trail, and many more.

The unidentified person running the tiny baby Instagram account commented on the purpose of the horde, saying, “Serotonin for all.”

“One person runs the account and my minions spread the horde,” they said, revealing that there are “at least three” minions.

Students have enjoyed finding the tiny babies, or even just observing the Instagram page to see what location they will turn up in next. However, despite the happiness the babies may bring, they may also cause conflict between students.

Conrad Bremer, another sophomore and friend of Caccamise, cited his experience as a warning to any would-be baby collectors.

“I’ve been verbally abused once — I found a baby that another group had been looking for and they said to me, ‘Can’t you leave some for the rest of us?’ We’re just out here trying to be competitive and be good sports.”

Aside from this negative interaction, collecting the tiny babies has been a safe and entertaining stress reliever that any Daemen student can participate in. 

The babies’ Instagram account, which has 178 followers, has not made any new posts since Sept. 27, before midterms. 

“School work do be getting in the way, but the plotting continues nonetheless,” said the account.

Caccamise and Bremer said that they look forward to finding more babies in the future and increasing their collection so that they can fill their tiny-baby Mason jar.

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