Natalie Such (left) and Julia Eichel relaxing in their hammocks by Rosary Hall.

The best outside study spots on campus

By: Haley Lux

With spring comes warmer weather and the notion that summer is right around the corner, brightening up college campuses across the country.

Not only does this increase in temperature open up a slew of activities, it provides students with the opportunity to begin to study outside.

Daemen College has plenty of outdoor spots throughout campus that make studying in the sun accessible, so the question is: which spots are students’ favorites and why?

“My favorite spot is at the wooden picnic table across from the Business Building. I love getting fresh air when I study and this spot has the perfect trees to provide shade,” said Erin Gregoire, a senior and social services major.

Since Gregoire prefers to study outside, she has always appreciated this spot and visits there often whenever she’s given the opportunity. 

A picture of Erin Gregoire’s favorite outdoor study spot, across from the Business Building.

While some enjoy the designated able areas, like Gregoire, others like to improvise and come up with places of their own on campus to study outdoors.

“[My favorite spot is] in the grass under the group of trees behind Rosary Hall,” said Renata Simera, a junior and French adolescent education major.

Still, other students find ways to further their creativity when it comes to studying or relaxing outside on campus.

“I like being able to get some sun and tan while enjoying the weather and studying outside. Also, I like hanging out with my friends outside in the sun,” said Natalie Such, a sophomore and physical therapy major. 

Such and her friends do this by attaching camping hammocks that they’ve purchased to various, available trees.

“My friend group and I like hanging them in front of Rosary Hall on campus for the sun and the shade,” Such said. 

Whether it’s studying outside at the tables, finding grassy spots, or hanging up hammocks around campus, Daemen College students find ways to make the most of the recent sunshine.

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