Poetry reading and open mic night displays student work, launches Iconoclast

Lucas Santos, sophomore, is one of the Non Fiction editors and Visual Arts and Layout directors of the Iconoclast. Here, he is reading Carolyn Grant's poem entitled "Reservation and Preservation." Photo credit: Summer Phillipson

Hosted by Professor Daly, Daemen students and local poets read their work aloud in the RIC Atrium this past Friday. The event launched the newly created Iconoclast literary magazine, which was formed this past semester.

The launch event was in celebration of the resurgence of content to the magazine which had previously struggled. Student contributors were also commemorated for their contributions to and for the magazine.

Junior Bill Olkowski is one of the Managing editors and poetry editors of the Iconoclast. He reads him poem “Explosions in my Mind.” Photo credit: Summer Phillipson

The latest issue of the magazine, formerly known as the Writer’s Block, includes non-fiction, fiction, poems, odes and art pieces submitted by Daemen students. Over 100 submissions were reviewed by student editing teams.

In order to narrow down and decide which works to publish, names were blacked out while the stories and poems were read and then chosen by the editing staff.

Copies of the Iconoclast, along with previous literary magazines with student work included, can be found at the English Department in Duns Scotus 138.

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  1. Miguel Santos | March 6, 2017 at 7:55 pm | Reply

    I think having an “open mic” for poetry is soooo Cool !!!
    This exposes folks to this fine art who may not have thought about reading poetry.
    Once you discover poetry, you can get lost in the world of poetry . . .

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