Rumors About Future Resident Housing Spark Concerns

By Nick Russo

Collegiate Village has been at the center of recent rumors, specifically Daemen’s presence at the residential housing complex. These rumors suggest that the college will no longer be offering housing at Collegiate Village by the Fall 2019 semester.

In addition, because Daemen would allegedly no longer offer housing there, this would mean that these students would be forced into the normally 4-person apartments around the main campus, further encroaching on the limited living space allotted to each student.

While the prospect of having extremely limited personal space in the apartments is rightfully concerning, it is not something to be worried about for the foreseeable future.

I had the opportunity to speak with Danielle Weaver, Director of Housing and Residence Life at Daemen, about these rumors. Danielle denied that Daemen would no longer offer student housing at Collegiate Village, but will instead be downsizing its presence in the facility.

The reason for this is a decline in the number of students living on campus in general. “As we have less students, we have less buying / negotiating power at CV,” Danielle said, “we are not in a position to purchase/lease/rent spaces off campus when we could have potential beds open on campus.”

While Residence Life is still unsure about how many apartments or what type of apartments will be available to students, Danielle reassures that they “will not put more than four people into a Campus Apartment nor current upperclassmen into Canavan Hall.” “We have tried to be very transparent throughout the Collegiate Village process, working with students is my priority,” said Danielle.

The apartments available at Collegiate Village are not the only thing that is changing on campus, however. In response to student feedback, Residence Life has announced that Building 71 will be the first “self-governing building,” students citing requests for “reduced quiet hours” and “less oversight from an RA.” Though its occupants have already been decided, Danielle specified that it will be for “upperclassmen students who do not have an RA.”

Finally, campus-wide quiet hours will also be changing come the start of the Fall 2019 semester, based on the same student feedback which prompted the governance shift in Building 71. No further details are available at the present time.

Additional Pictures

Two apartment buildings, each with 4 apartments

Another apartment building

Close shot of Building 151

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