The Many Components of Cru Club

By: Haley Lux

Just a few weekends ago, the students of Cru Club at Daemen attended their annual Fall Getaway retreat at Camp Li-Lo-Li, an event that welcomes Cru members from other colleges within Buffalo and Rochester as well.

“The retreat last weekend was amazing! It was an eye-opening experience and I made amazing friends and created a great community,” said Gracie Attebery, a sophomore natural science/health science major.

“My favorite part of the retreat was quiet time. The world we live in today is constant go, go, go, but we were able to sit and be still – use that time to talk to God and breathe,” Attebery said.

The retreat featured speakers, games, and opportunities to meet with fellow students that share the same beliefs as one another.

Members of Cru enjoying a weekly meeting. (Photo Credits: Courtney Merrill)

“I met so many other Christians and probably didn’t get enough sleep because of all the fun and games, but it was worth it. I was also able to learn a bit of ASL which was cool,” said Zach Schneider, a junior business major and chemistry minor.

There is also a major emphasis on reflection for those that participate in Fall Getaway.

“We might do a reflection after a speaker or a Bible study or something like that,” said Courtney Merrill, a junior physical therapy major.

Outside of the retreat, Cru Club at Daemen meets on Wednesday nights at seven.

“Our slogan is ‘A caring community about connecting students to Christ’, but I really like to emphasize how we’re like a supportive community for each other,” Merrill said.

At Cru Club, students talk with one another, play games, and hang out even outside of the setting. 

“Cru to me is a space where you can come as you are and enjoy conversation, snacks, games, and spend time being with others who love Jesus or ask questions about it,” said Attebery.

The sense of community and openness is what draws in many who attended weekly.

“I remember my freshman year being really insecure and kind of scared…but to come to Cru’s game night and be around people that were really friendly and open and welcoming was really refreshing for me,” Merill said.

Overall, Cru Club matters greatly to its members as it has become a place to learn and grow with one another.

“I’ve never been a part of something as special as this group,” Schneider said.

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