What is Cru?

By Cassie Cook

With the many clubs that Daemen provides, students may be confused about what each one has to offer. Cru is just one of these many clubs. 

“Cru is a caring, compassionate community committed to connecting students to Christ,” said Gracie Attebery, the president of the club. 

Cru meets every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge. Attebery said this semester the club is studying the book of Psalms. 

On October 11th, Attebery spoke on Psalm 139. The meeting began by making sand bottles, which Attebery explained the purpose of after reading the Psalm. 

“If we are this excited about our sand jars that we created, imagine how proud God is of you,” said Attebery. 

Freshman member, Katie Miga felt that these sand jars are “a good symbol and reminder that we are God’s beautiful creation.”

According to the Daemen Cru website, Cru aims to connect students to a mentor, helping students discover their purpose, and allowing them to grow alongside others. 

Evangeline Manuel, a Cru member and leader, said that they work to meet these goals through the weekly meetings as well as Cru-planned activities such as the Fall Seminar, rides to church, Washington Winter Conference, and Cru Buffalo events. 

Fall seminar is a weekend excursion at the end of each September, where Cru members are connected with other students of Christ, in hopes of improving their faith. 

Cru Buffalo events occur throughout the semester, connecting Daemen students with other Cru members in the area, such as students from the University of Buffalo. 

The Washington Winter Conference is a 4-day gathering in Washington D.C. that occurs during winter break. 

At this conference, students experience “the power of worship, the warmth of the community, the vitality of God’s Word, and the joy of a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ,” according to the Cru Winter Conference website.  

Manuel said that through Cru, she was able to make real friendships. 

“My friends from Cru check up on me throughout the week, and genuinely care about how I’m doing in and outside of Cru,” Manuel said.

Manuel also said that she finds Cru very welcoming. 

“The first day I came to Cru, I was met with smiles and hugs,” Manuel said. 

Miga felt “welcomed by a group of friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere.”

The Daemen Cru website explains that “Cru is a community of imperfect people from all walks of life who follow Jesus together” and want to “journey with you as you take your next step towards Jesus.” 

Cru is a student-led organization that strives to help students through their journey of faith, Manuel explained. 

As a Cru leader, Manuel said that she does not struggle balancing Cru and schoolwork. “Because I have a busy semester, other people have taken on more responsibility,”. 

Manuel said. 

Manuel explained that the role of Cru leaders is to plan the topic that they want to go over for the semester, ensure there are announcements about what is happening in the club, and provide snacks and games to make people feel welcome. 

“Student life can be tough. You don’t need to go through that alone,” the Daemen Cru website says. 

Cru aims at building a community of students with similar values. 

“That’s why we have opportunities for community and growth alongside other students navigating the same questions,” the Daemen Cru website states. 

The Daemen Cru website says “We hope that by connecting with the people involved with Cru at Daemen University, you can experience these things by connecting with others and connecting with Jesus.”

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