Never too late to go to CHIP

The Wick Student Center is home to the new Counseling, Health, Insurance, and Prevention (CHIP) Center. The offices are now located in Wick 117.  More and more students are coming to college with preconditions about mental health and college can get very stressful.

“It is helpful to talk about stress,” according to Shannon Radder.

Radder is the Director of Counseling Services and is a licensed mental health counselor.  Radder’s team consists of full time licensed mental health counselor Stephanie Bordin and, as needed, licensed social worker Deloris Fields-Jones and licensed mental health counselor Jason Masker.

College life can be challenging and everyone should know that they are not alone facing these challenges.

“We can help with not only mental health but also with issues with relationships, time management, substance abuse (including alcohol), home sickness and even roommates to name a few.  Our motto is no problem is too big, no problem is too small,” said Radder.

“Students under utilize our services because they are afraid of being labeled.  Just because you are coming to counseling doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you,” said Bordin.

CHIP 2: Shannon Radder (on left) and Stephanie Bordin (on right) encourage students to stop in to CHIP.

Counseling helps develop an increased awareness of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships.  It provides new skills and helps recognize and utilize personal strengths and external resources that make changes needed to improve overall well-being.

Confidentiality is very important.  All counseling sessions are confidential.  Privacy and trust are important to Daemen Counselors and it is protected by state laws and professional ethical standards.

“Counseling sessions are a safe place, student should feel that they are safe and open to talk about whatever they need to,” said Bordin.

Daemen’s counselors serve the psychological well-being of the College community so that students may be successful intellectually, ethically, spiritually and personally.  They strive to help students realize and develop the fullness of their lives by providing them with a means to more fully understand themselves and navigate the complexities of life in college.  They are committed to respectfully understand and honor the diversity of individuals as they employ the best practices and standards.

“It’s never too late. Don’t assume anything.  Don’t assume it can’t or won’t work.  Talking will always help.  Come and have a chat,” said Radder.

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