Daemen Sigma Beta Delta Inducts 15 Students to International Honor Society in Business, Management and Administration

On March 17 at Rosary Hall, 15 Daemen College students were inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society in Business, Management and Administration.  These students are Francesca Hietanen, Jennifer Honer, Niko Jemmison, Emily Levin, William Olkowski, Rachel Pawlak, Kristen Schmidt, Alec Schumacher, Cheryl Skywark, Brandon Snyder, Kathleen Strobele, Anthony Tojek, Chad Van Every and Max Winterburn.

“It was quite an honor and privilege to be inducted into Sigma Beta Delta.  After all the hard work I have put into school while working full time and going to school full time, it is nice to know that all my work has paid off.  It shows my children that anything is possible with hard work and determination,” said Kathleen Strobele, accounting student.

“I was very surprised when I found out I was inducted.  I am now encouraged and feel responsible to keep up my hard work,” said Emily Levin, accounting student.

“I felt great. It feels amazing to know that my academic performance is being seen outside of my department.  It is truly an honor to be inducted in such a society.  I wasn’t expecting to be inducted.  It is an honor to know that my hard work is being notice,” said Niko Jemmison, accounting student.

Membership in Sigma Beta Delta is the highest national recognition a business student can receive at a college or university with a Sigma Beta Delta chapter. To be eligible for membership, a business student must rank in the top 20 percent of the junior, senior or graduate class and be invited to membership by the faculty officers.

“This is a recognition of academic achievement that provides lifetime benefits such as, potential scholarships, networking opportunities and job placement services,” said Linda Kuechler, Professor of accounting.  

“Being nominated means you meet the requirements to be selected.  Being selected means that a professor argued for you to be selected.  Not just the grades that qualify you get you in; but also your behavior in the classroom.  Getting selected speaks volumes of a student,” said Paul McAfee, Assistant Professor of business administration.

“Being selected is very important for a student. It creates a new connection. It is not only a connection with other Daemen’s honor students, but a connection that can lead to a future job.  It means something on a resume.  It means that, by your professors that you are the best of the best,” said Aaron Joyal, Assistant Professor of marketing.

“Exclusive, performance based, selected by those who teach you, at graduation you will stand out by wearing a cord. Very impressive,” said William DiPietro, Professor of economics.

The mission of Sigma Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business, management and administration, and to encourage and promote aspirations toward personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.  Sigma Beta Delta was established to honor students who have attained superior records in business programs in schools and colleges with regional accreditation.

The principles of Sigma Beta Delta are represented by three Greek words, the initials of which form the name of the society: SIGMA BETA DELTA.

Sigma is the initial letter of the Greek word, which means wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge gained over time, analyzed and used with discernment. Wisdom is not merely information, but allows one to acknowledge information, consider its validity and relevance, and then incorporate into one’s own life what is appropriate.

Beta is the initial letter of the Greek word, which signifies honor. Honor is a personal quality of the highest value. Honorable persons are held in esteem, considered to be trustworthy, and admired by others because they live a life that is worthy of such recognition. Honorable persons have chosen to live a life that is bound by integrity and ethical decision-making. They respect others and are willing to provide leadership to the benefit of humankind.

Delta is the initial letter of the Greek word, which signifies the pursuit of meaningful aspirations. Persons of wisdom and honor must aspire to a course to achieve their objectives, for goals without action are no more fulfilling than action without goals. To aspire toward the fulfillment of one’s goals to serve humankind and develop personally and professionally will lead to a life of meaning and satisfaction.

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