Knowing an Artist at Daemen

I took an art class last semester, a foundations of design class. In that class I met a particular artist and friend who I simply had to write about; her name is Gabby Sinnott. She is such a vibrant and interesting person, who I have grown to really enjoy spending time with occasionally. In our class Gabby would always have stand out projects, something different and something fascinating. She has an ability not every artist has: the ability to take risks.

I asked Gabby, “What is your focus as an artist? What do you do?”

Photo: Stefan Foster
Photo: Stefan Foster

“My main focus as an artist is to explore the different mediums that I have the ability to use. I’m too young to have found my niche in the art world yet, so I like to do a lot of experimenting. As of lately, I’ve done a lot of tinkering with mixed mediums dealing with acrylic paints and charcoal over top. Before that, I did a lot of shape and color design, trying to mix up different colors and create new patterns I hadn’t dealt with before. I always love to try new things and see how they turn out in the end. Having a plan and following that plan isn’t always the best approach. I enjoy have a little idea, just going for it, then reacting to what I’ve already done. I’m not sure if I have a solid focus as an artist. I guess my focus could be that I have the need to explore new things, and sometimes it’s even by accident,” Gabby said.

I also asked her, “How does art play a role in your life, besides a hobby?”

“After I graduate from Daemen I hope to continue being an artist, either as an Art Director or to be a freelance artist. I love to create cards and make things for other people, and I hope to continue that and expand my grounds as an artist. In day to day life, I just continue to paint and draw to get better,” Gabby claimed.

I love hearing how other artists came to be. I decided to ask Gabby about her inspirations as an artist.

Photo: Stefan Foster
Photo: Stefan Foster

She responded with, “I’m not sure if I could pin point some solid inspirations, because walking around day to day I see different things that inspire me. My favorite artists are Andy Warhol and Tim Burton and I do try to imitate their methods from time to time. I also get inspiration of color from sunsets and Lake Ontario and my subjects range from imaginary characters to my cows and chickens. Getting a spark of creativity to begin a project can’t be planned. If I were asked, ‘How do you think of your projects?’ I wouldn’t have an answer. And I don’t think many, if any, artists would. The idea just hits you and you have to react to it.”

What Gabby said is true for many other artists, the idea that life is art. Inspiration and creativity can strike from some of the most unlikely of places. That is one of the greatest and most profound aspects of the world we live in.

One final question I asked Gabby was “How do you continue to pursue art at Daemen? How do you keep art relevant in your life?”

“I’m a graphic design major with a passion for painting. I take art classes almost everyday and have little projects I need to complete over the weekend. I really enjoy my projects because they take time, concentration, and lots of thought, which only helps you grow as an artist. I’m also apart of the the Art Club and currently working towards a trip to Italy next year. This past February we traveled to Pittsburgh to visit the Mattress Factory and the Andy Warhol museum with the Art Club. It was an incredible trip where I got to experience mind- blowing artwork and become inspired for some of my artwork,” she answered.

“It may seem odd, but sometimes I just stare at different objects when I’m in a non-art class, really study them and think to myself how I would draw it if I was able to right then and there. I think that has also helped me. Your brain plays tricks on you about what you think objects look like, compared to how they actually look. I try to train my brain to overcome what I believe, but I’m still a work in progress,” Gabby said.

I always knew Gabby was an inspiring and emerging young artist, but it was fascinating really getting an inside look into the vision of “Gabrielle Sinnott.” She raised many great points that are often overlooked in today’s busy and hectic society. So much around us, even in the most unlikely of places, can be an inspiration if we look at the world with the right mindset.

The artwork portrayed throughout the article was done by Gabby. 


Photo by: Stefan Foster
Photo by: Stefan Foster

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