Broken LANscape: The Daemen WiFi Network

By Nick Wheeler The aging wireless network on the Daemen campus isn’t up to the challenge of modern increased traffic demands, and frustrated students are noticing and complaining.  In classes, residence halls, online groups and forums, and in messages to Daemen staff, frustration with the campus Wi-Fi is growing this year.  Pre-vet major Victorio Riccardi said he can be working on his laptop and “when … Continue reading Broken LANscape: The Daemen WiFi Network

Making the Connection

By Addriena Bradley You might be using your cell phone to talk to your friends and family, do schoolwork, scroll social media, check your emails, and more. But is your phone causing more mental and physical harm than good?  A 2019 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of nearly 450 college students 18 years or older found they may be spending upwards … Continue reading Making the Connection