Wildcat Student-Athlete: Tennis Player Gregory Lowe

When it comes to leading the Wildcats Tennis Team, Gregory Lowe has scored third in singles and second in doubles. He is a starter six (the six players with the highest score) and the captain of the tennis team.

Lowe played tennis for East Aurora Blue Devils in East Aurora during his high school years. He chose Daemen College for the small classes and location to home.  As a Physician Assistant major, Dean’s List recipient and in his final year as an undergraduate, Lowe is going to continue for another three years in graduate school here at Daemen.

Lowe approaches college like a tennis match; it a balance of tennis practice, attending class and social life, which can be tough.

Head Coach Stephan Beatty states that Lowe as the captain has shown and grown in his leadership skills.  He knows how to encourage other team members to play their best.  Lowe is an aggressive player, learns his opponent and anticipates the next move.  In the Spring Conference, Lowes had 4 in 15 win; this is the last Conference the Lowe will play. “He will be missed,” Coach Beatty says, “Lowe has grown of the last four semesters, both in tennis and in leadership.”

Lowe plays doubles with Joseph Gentil, who is a psychology major and junior, states that Lowe is an excellent leader and player. Lowe is easy to get along with and leads by example. Gentil says that Lowe is aggressive with the ball during matches, but is a“nice guy and very smart.” He also, “will put the team first before himself,” Gentile says with a smile of admiration for Lowe’s leadership and playing skills.

With a fierce determination, Lowe aims high to score in tennis and in school.


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