New parking lot scheduled for completion by end of the month

Finding parking spaces on campus had posed an issue for both students and faculty alike. However, a new parking lot on campus may ease and alleviate some of the tension surrounding the situation.

Since late summer, construction has been underway on a new lot near the Business Building and the Getzville road entrance.

According to Vice President of Student Affairs, Greg Nayor, “great thought was put in with regards to lighting, safety, neighbors, visibility, and the environment.”

Nayor offered that, despite the annoyance of having to hunt for a parking space, high traffic on campus signals a busy and robust college.

“One of the signs of a healthy institutions is that parking is tight.  Enrollment is strong so that is a positive thing,” he said.

Set to be completed by the end of the month, the lot is said to be able to fit around 60 vehicles.

This is only the most recent update to parking on campus. Last year, new policies were enacted which directed freshman residents to park their vehicles at Collegiate Village. This year, a $35 parking pass fee was implemented.

Timing for the new lot is convenient, considering that several individuals have expressed their desire for more spaces and an improved parking system.

Casey Young, a junior commuter, feels hopeful that the parking situation will improve with the new lot.

“It is definitely an improvement and it will release some of the tension,” she said.

Currently, students and faculty must arrive on campus early enough, or else risk not being able to locate a spot to park. Young mentioned that she has to be on campus by 8:00 a.m.

Aside from a busy campus, Young also mentioned another change that she noticed.

“It seems stricter [to park]. I’ve seen a lot of cars with tickets on them but not necessarily more places to park,” Young said.

Nayor also addressed this change.

“We are also enforcing things more which was not done before,” he said.

Melissa Brockman, a junior on campus, felt disgruntled by the current parking situation.

“I think that the new lot will help but not solve the problem. The parking situation has always been bad but has never been this bad. I don’t mind parking far away and walking but there isn’t even parking far away or on the road because it is that bad,” she said.

Brockman’s biggest concern is that she feels that the College is accepting or giving out too many parking passes when compared to the number of actual parking spaces.

Both Young and Brockman voiced their opinion that having a parking pass should guarantee the owner to be able to find a parking spot on campus.

A follow up story will be conducted after the lot is opened in order to access how the situation has improved or changed.