A view of a Daemen college banner from the Main Street entrance.

Daemen Ranked on Top

By: Jenna Aldrich

Daemen College has been ranked nationally according to the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings, along with being ranked by Money magazine as one of the “Best Colleges in America.”

Daemen was first mentioned in Money magazine in August 2018 as one of the “Best Colleges in America” for educational quality, alumni success, and affordability. The college was ranked No. 311 out of 727.

Money magazine also ranked Daemen as one of the Top 25 private schools in New York State. The rankings for this magazine were based on quality of education, affordability, and outcomes.

Hunter O’Dell, a senior at Daemen College, said she, “wasn’t surprised at all” when she heard that Daemen was being nationally ranked.

The information Money magazine provides for student outcomes was one way Daemen was ranked in the top. Daemen has a graduation rate of 55% and a low average student debt.

Daemen was also named one of the most affordable universities. Money magazine showed that 98% of students with need receive grants.

More recently (September 2018), the college was ranked nationally in the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings. This list includes over 1,000 other colleges across the country.

This is a list made for students to help them find the perfect college and is based on a survey that 200,000 college students take. The survey consists of questions based on interaction with professors, how they engaged in their classes, and how satisfied they were with the overall experience.

Hunter O’Dell, discussed her time as a student at Daemen during the past 3 years:
“I absolutely love it here and I think the schooling is great. My overall experience has been amazing. There are so many kind and caring people here that really make the college experience!”

Some other key performance areas considered were environment, opportunities, and number of classes and degrees offered.

The rankings also take into consideration which colleges have the best teaching ability.
Another Daemen student, Jordan Moore (sophomore), talked about the educational quality and interaction with professors:

“Daemen’s educational quality is great. The interaction between the student and professors is awesome and really provides for a good learning experience.”

Out of all of the colleges in New York State, Daemen was ranked in the Top 21 for engagement. The college was also ranked No. 180 out of 285 overall, in the Northeast region. This was a considerable jump from being No. 204 last year.

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