Your Student Government in Action

By: Evan Coyle

Student association meetings take place every Tuesday at 1130am in the Wick Center 113, 114, 115. The meetings are run by student representatives and facilitated by Coordinator of student organizations, Julia Grygier.

Julia’s job is essentially to work between students and administrators as it relates to organization’s proposals. Julia is also involved in efforts like “Greek life, and other big events on campus, such as orientation day.”

Julia elaborated on the student government process by stating that, proposals are first reviewed by the executive board, then they are sent to the student association meetings where an up or down vote is held and the resolution is either passed or rejected.
The individuals who cast a vote include Student Government president Mikayla Otero, vice president Ricardo Marquez, treasurer Telena Smith, and secretary Tori Newman Campbell. As of mid-October newly elected class representatives will also have a vote.

The presidents primary function is to oversee budgetary requests, run student government meetings and meet with faculty as needed.

Vice president Ricardo Marquez states that his primary function is “speaking for the students.” Furthermore, Ricardo says that he is “all about change.”

The vice president also advocates for student’s needs. In doing this he meets bi weekly with Dr. Nayor. At the moment, Ricardo is pursuing action on students perceived lack of ongoing shuttles to collegiate village between the 1pm-6pm hour.

The secretary is Tori Newman Campbell. This is her first year as secretary. She says, that her primary function is to “count minutes during the meeting.” She says that members are given an agenda and a budget proposal document prior to the start of the meeting each week.

President of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) club Scott Hunter was in attendance. The CRU organization consists of 35 members on campus. During a student government meeting on September 17th, the organization asked for 500$ to help cover the cost of transportation for a “getaway weekend” they have at Long Point camp on Seneca lake.

Scott Hunter added that he appreciates she roll of Student government meetings because “it gives voice for things that they (students) want to do or see on campus.

This particular student association meeting was roughly ten minutes in length. There was only one budgetary request by the black student union, and it was passed with a unanimous vote.

Students with concerns or suggestions related to Daemen College are encouraged to attend student government meetings and voice their opinions.

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