Daemen Men’s Basketball Team Outshoots and Outscores Mohawk College

By: Brandy Bird

On October 29, 2019, the Men’s basketball team had their first home exhibition game win. The team had previously lost to the University at Buffalo and Syracuse University. The team was intent on getting a win on home court.

The game was well attended with mostly Daemen Wildcat fans. The bleachers were filled in Lumsden gymnasium.

 The Wildcats played against Mohawk College, and the Wildcats dominated the game. The final score was 116-54, the Wildcats swept the Mohawks off the court. 

At the start of the game, the Wildcats won the tip off with the help of number 22, Andrew Sischo.

You could tell early on, that the Wildcats were on their way to a great performance. By the first half, the Wildcats were up by 31 points and by the time the last buzzer went off, they were ahead by 62 points.

The Wildcats hit 100 points at 9:09 in the second half with the help of number 14, Da’Shawn Hines.

Number 14, Da’Shawn Hines, had a nice set of foul shots, making two out of the three. The team as a whole played a very good game.

There were many great assists and shots that helped guide the Wildcats to victory. One play that led to an impressive “3- pointer,” started with a pass from behind the half court line and ended in the eventual 3-point shot.

Another great play was in the second half when number 4, Jeffrey Duah, was able to make three baskets right after each other. Duah got down the court and was in the right position to succeed in scoring the three baskets. The top scorer of the night was number 44, Jeff Redband (Wildcats), with 15 points.

 Teamwork was on display on and off the court on both sides. Whenever a player was taken out, all the players who were on the bench stood up and clapped hands with their teammate.

Throughout the game, they cheered each other on, often jumping up and down when a teammate made a shot.  

The excitement wasn’t just on the court. The fans went wild during the game, especially when a player went up to try for a dunk. During halftime while the music was playing, a young fan in the stands started dancing. The crowd was very amused, and they started to cheer the fan on.

One Daemen Wildcats fan named Don discussed the lopsided score by saying, “I think the game was unfair for the other team, but over all the game went very well.”

Another Wildcat fan named Sayeed sitting toward the middle of the crowd said, “It was a good game and they (Wildcats) played very well. The game seemed easy for them and they executed very well”

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