Daemen Hosts Annual Fall Open House

By Myranda Lockwood

Daemen University hosted its annual fall open house Saturday, Oct. 15. This event brings prospective families and students to campus who are interested in experiencing Daemen firsthand during their college search.  

“Open house is one of our biggest recruitment events of the year,” said Emma Alvarado, coordinator of admissions events. “We have a lot of different things available for students.”

The open house banner hanging on the Charles J. Wick Campus Center. Photo by Daemen University.

The day is filled with activities and informational sessions exposing families to the Daemen atmosphere and getting them both intrigued and familiar with the Daemen community and campus. 

The day begins with a welcome event, which is then followed by academic breakout sessions. 

Academic breakout sessions are an “opportunity for students to talk to different faculty members that they might be interested in,” Alvarado said. “After the breakout sessions this year, we gave the opportunity for presentations.”

Presentations included ‘Student Life,’ where being a leader and all of the available clubs and activities on campus was discussed, as well as a financial aid and a transfer student presentation. 

After presentations it was time for the campus fair and lunch. 

“This is usually hosted in the social room and we have a lot of different people on campus for them to talk to,” Alvarado said. 

The campus fair consists of many different programs, clubs, and activities, provided on campus and allows prospective families to walk around and talk to different people or things that they may be interested in.

It provides an opportunity for students to explore their interests and see what can be available to them at Daemen.

“I think the best part of open house events for me personally is the campus fair and lunch because, at that time, students can really walk around and talk to people, walk up to tables and talk to people who they might be interested in,” Alvarado continued. 

Open House is not only an event that includes prospective students; it also “involves our current students that we have in a big event,” Alvarado said. 

“I was a mingler in the gym, so I got to talk to families and then bring them to separate academic breakout sessions. Then, I gave tours of the campus for the rest of the day,” said Tatiana Nowakowski, a third-year social work major and campus tour guide. 

“Open House shows that we really are a family as a university. The fact that we have student workers to show people how close we are as a community is really beneficial,” said Nowakowski. “The goal of Open House is to provide families with a Daemen experience that they won’t forget. Something that they can hold on to when making their college decision.” 

Fall Open House is an exciting event on the Daemen University campus. It serves both current and future students by producing meaningful and pleasant interactions and connections. 

“The atmosphere is exciting but also nervous,” Nowakowski said. “Students are eager to start their new chapter but are nervous when it comes to making the right choice.”

Open House provides the opportunity to assist students in making the right choice with the hope that Daemen University can and will be the right one for them.

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