Campus Clean-Up, Eco-Trail Maintenance

By Katelyn Storer

The Environmental Club hosted an event for students to help clean the Eco-Trail located between Canavan Hall and the business building on Friday, Nov. 3. 

Before the clean-up event, Cadence Russell, a junior majoring in natural science,  specializing in environmental science, and the president of the Environmental Club, spoke to the attendants about the history and motive of the event. 

“We started the cleanup last year in the club’s second year of life, and first fall semester that it had existed since I took it over,” Russell said. 

“People had such a good time just getting out onto the Eco-Trail and helping clean it up that it was a highly requested event this semester, hence why we did it again!… We pulled less trash out of the trail than last time, which is awesome,” Russell said.  “Even though it was less trash than last year, it was still three full bags with lots of glass and ceramic that can be harmful to the environment, as well as discarded candy wrappers and plastic water bottles.”  

Sabrina Adamson, a sophomore biology major on the pre-med track, has been a member of the Environmental Club for both of her years on campus and has been appointed as the social media manager this year and has been a participant in this event for the past two years. Students who are not members of the environmental club were also able to participate.

Isabella Guzman, a first-year physician assistant major, said she initially participated in the event to get credit for the honors program. However, after the event, she said that she benefit the campus and is now considering joining Environmental Club. 

The environmental club takes many steps to improve the quality of the Daemen campus and community. 

“The Eco-Trail is one of my favorite places on campus and it’s often neglected. We’re really the only club that gives it attention and maintenance. In my freshman year, I noticed just how dirty it was since there had been no cleanups on the trail in years. In the past, we’ve promoted cleanups around town, but it’s always nice to be able to give back to your own campus and maintain the trail,” Russell said. 

“I like being able to make the Eco-Trail a comforting and peaceful place for people to go,  take a breath, and get some fresh air. I personally thoroughly enjoy the Eco-Trail as I am able to take a step away from my schoolwork and do something outside without having to drive anywhere,” Adamson said. 

The students who contributed to the cleanup agree that a difference was made because of the time they spent on the eco-trail on Nov. 3. 

“I think that any small effort that contributes toward limiting pollution is worth the time,”  Guzman said. 

Adamson said, “I believe we are making a difference in the school community because it keeps the Eco Train clean for everyone to enjoy.”

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